Erimorian Exploration

This is coming together

I just wanted to give a general understanding of how this site, and more specifically, my organization of it, works.

There are tabs above with various options.
  • Home brings you to the Home page.
  • Adventure Log is where you are now reading this. This will contain adventure updates and quick recaps of previous action.
  • Wiki, it is where you will find all of the information I would like you all to know. There are useful links to Pathfinder resources and more. There is also the Erimore Information page. It will contain all of the background info. we have acquired and more. There is also the important House Rules link. This will lead you to the house rules I will be implementing into this campaign and any of my other campaigns.
  • The Characters tab is where you, the player, can input all of the information pertaining to your character. I would highly recommend doing so since it will help me maintain a working knowledge of your character which means better content relating to said character(s). It also contains the know NPCs of the campaign as well.
  • The Items tab contains the information on special items that have been designed for the campaign or even information on special items carried by the group.
  • The Forums and Calendar tab are paid features that I presently don’t, nor do I plan to, pay for. If we become extremely serious about this, maybe, but that is not likely.
  • The Maps tab leads to an interesting ‘Google Maps: Erimore Edition’ function. It literally allows me to place plots on locations of the map.
  • The Comments tab is probably just that. A place for people to comment on.

With all of these tabs explained, I must also note something else. Since I am not paying for this service, I can’t make it private from other people using the site. That means, any person from this site, or people from around the Internet may see what we are doing. Then again, we are little more than ants in an anthill, so we may never be seen. Hopefully, that is all for now.



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