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This is coming together

I just wanted to give a general understanding of how this site, and more specifically, my organization of it, works.

There are tabs above with various options.
  • Home brings you to the Home page.
  • Adventure Log is where you are now reading this. This will contain adventure updates and quick recaps of previous action.
  • Wiki, it is where you will find all of the information I would like you all to know. There are useful links to Pathfinder resources and more. There is also the Erimore Information page. It will contain all of the background info. we have acquired and more. There is also the important House Rules link. This will lead you to the house rules I will be implementing into this campaign and any of my other campaigns.
  • The Characters tab is where you, the player, can input all of the information pertaining to your character. I would highly recommend doing so since it will help me maintain a working knowledge of your character which means better content relating to said character(s). It also contains the know NPCs of the campaign as well.
  • The Items tab contains the information on special items that have been designed for the campaign or even information on special items carried by the group.
  • The Forums and Calendar tab are paid features that I presently don’t, nor do I plan to, pay for. If we become extremely serious about this, maybe, but that is not likely.
  • The Maps tab leads to an interesting ‘Google Maps: Erimore Edition’ function. It literally allows me to place plots on locations of the map.
  • The Comments tab is probably just that. A place for people to comment on.

With all of these tabs explained, I must also note something else. Since I am not paying for this service, I can’t make it private from other people using the site. That means, any person from this site, or people from around the Internet may see what we are doing. Then again, we are little more than ants in an anthill, so we may never be seen. Hopefully, that is all for now.

Looking Back

The Fallen Fortress

The group, five strong, heard of the Fallen Fortress, a siege tower ages old, from within the metropolis of Absalom. They all came together through their various sources to tackle this great obstacle for a string of reasons. Some for money, some for experience, and some because they were told to.

The group arrived hours after setting out. The tower was daunting, but the whole eastern wing had crumbled leaving openings to its once impenetrable walls. They were also met by a pack of hungry, abandoned dogs, all sporting name tags containing popular names for dogs of the day. They dispatched the dogs as efficiently as possible. The ranger threw some food to them in hopes that the dogs would become docile, but in fact, they ripped each other apart.

Afterward, the adventurers entered the building first by climbing the rubble into its lower floor. The Elven wizard, by the name of Van, followed after the ranger and decided to step out of the way and into the room next to the opening in the east. Suddenly, a thick, mucous-like webbing came down upon Van, immobilizing him. He looked up in the corner of the ceiling and saw a monstrous spider coming down to dine. The other members finally made it up to engage this new threat and battled in the darkness of the room. They succeeded in defeating it. After putting the threat down, the adventurers found the staircase leading up covered in rubble and impassable. They decided to head outside. They decided they must climb higher with their climbing kits. The ranger went first and secured and position on the second floor. He rigged a lifting system by tying a loop in the rope he came up with, and lowering it to the others.

Upon reaching the second floor, the adventures found they could proceed through one of two doors on either side of the building. They first went through the door on the left, and came into a dark, but empty room. This room had another door, but they decided to double-back and go for the other door in the eastern wing. They open that door carefully and peeked inside. There was a strange blue glow occurring. The other adventurers were talking loudly amongst themselves outside, and the one who had looked through the door looked back at them to tell them to lower their voices. He then turned back towards the room, and right in front of him was a Shocker Lizard. It may have appeared happy to see him, but it is a lizard after all with electrical properties and it zapped all those nearby. Upon further inspection of the lizard, they noticed it had a nametag with the name KazKaz on it. All in all, the adventurers put KazKaz to sleep. They carefully proceeded into the next room which had beds and sleeping creatures within them. There were also weapons hanging on the walls nearby. The adventurers went into “guns a’blazing” and killed all of the lizard people. They identified these people as Troglodytes. Nasty creatures and smelled even worse. The adventurers had to fight the wrenching in their stomachs with all of their might.

The group discovered that the stairwell from downstairs lead to an area in the direct center of the tower going all of the way up. This time, this part was not blocked. They proceeded up the stairs cautiously due to all of the run-ins they had with various creatures. Upon reaching the third floor, they had decided to clear the tower out as completely as they could, so they noticed that there was one door leading into the third floor, and the staircase continued going up as well. They decided to open this door, but it was locked. They found their way through the door and came into a room with two altars, white and black, on opposite sides of the room. There was also two bone-like figures standing in front of them, both burning. The skeletons engaged the adventurers causing great damage much to the chagrin of the explorers, surprising them with the flames that jumped and the exploding bones of the fallen skeleton. After the battle, the altars were inspected and they both contained their silver services and symbols of Nethys on both.

The adventurers then went to the fourth floor of the tower, and decided to go through the door. Upon opening the door, they saw more Troglodytes and many bunkbeds, but none of the lizard men were sleeping, and they instantly reacted. The seemingly young Troglodytes lost their lives early with ease. The adventurers decided to try and go through the northern door, and instantly, a long tongue shot through the door and dragged one of them in. The others wanted to keep their distance to try and discover what this new threat was, but time was of the essence and the tongue pulled back quickly. They discovered that it was a frog, a massive frog with sharp fangs. Naturally, this creature was hungry, and its meal was not pleased with that knowledge. The frog died, that simple.

The explorers went back to the barracks and wanted to clear out the southern room as well. They opened the door and instantly noticed a brazier in the center of the room with a terrible odor that has been attributed to Troglodytes. There were also surgical implements, or so they thought, on a box. Suddenly, a javelin came flying from out of the shadows toward the adventurers, and a lizard man, significantly larger than the other Troglodytes came into view. Aside from unintelligible grunts, the explorers heard the word Tulok repeatedly. The group engaged this hulking lizard with little difficulty.

After dispatching “Tulok,” they notice a chest and yet another door within the room, and they attempt to open the chest, in which they find high quality armor and weapons. They then open the door. Once they enter, and their eyes adjust, they notice a human male in chains. The man looked up at them with a tired, but sly look in his eyes. The group interrogates the man and discover his name is Balenar Forsend, and he is a Bard from the Pathfinder Society in Absalom. He tells them that he was sent to the tower in order to map out the tower and its secrets, but he was captured quite quickly by the Troglodytes. Their leader, Tasskar, apparently came from below believing this tower was the Troglodyte’s opportunity to take over the surface once more. The bard persuades the group to release him due to the group being highly suspicious. The bard promised entry into the Pathfinder Society if they helped him defeat Tasskar.

They returned to the stairwell and continued to the last floor of the Fortress. When they reach the last floor, they took a quick glance all around them and discovered a high-up ceiling with four crossing vaults leading to the center of the ceiling and tattered remains of a carpet. Across from the exit of the stairwell, they see a weathered throne with a Troglodyte with several ornaments and and a staff with a skull attached, a strange white crocodile next to him, and finally a large chest. They both appeared to be staring in the direction of Absalom. It turned around and noticed the group, and let out a hiss, and the white crocodile attacked while the lizard began to glow. The group quickly defeated the crocodile and Tasskar. The bard was thoroughly impressed.

After clearing the tower out of all biological beings and all the material wealth, the adventurers returned to Absalom.

—Chapter 22, Sec. 2b Retral Chronicles

(Adventure: Master of the Fallen Fortress)


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